The American Classical League celebrates, supports, and advances the teaching and learning of the Greek
and Latin languages, literatures, and cultures and their timeless relevance. 

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Benefits of Membership:            

  • Publications
    • Classical Outlook, the most widely circulated Classics journal in North America
    • Classical Outlook archives (in JSTOR)
    • American Classical League Newsletter, monthly in electronic form
    • Prima, an Excellence Through Classics quarterly publication that services the pedagogical interests of elementary and middle classroom teachers and students 
    • ETC Newsletter, a monthly e-newsletter to keep you up to date with ETC news and events
    • NJCL Publishes the TORCH: U.S. and Nones Notes
  • Discounts
    • Idioma:  10% off of coursework such as "Latin Teaching Methods: Teaching Latin for Acquisition"
    • REDI:  20% off of teaching aids
    • JCL Certamen Machine:  10% off
    • ACL Store:  20% off
    • Student Exams:  $1 off per student
  • Programming and Opportunities for Students
    • National Latin, National Greek, National Mythology, and Exploratory Latin Exams, SCRIBO Writing Contest, and Nationwide Games
    • Excellence Through Classics Committee, which supports teachers and students classics at the elementary and middle school level (K-9) through awards and grants, such as Petrino and Calliope Awards, through programming such as the Fall Forum, Spring Symposium, ETC LIVE, or monthly Professional Learning Community sessions, and through resources such as positions statements, novella support, and our PRIMA publication
    • National Junior Classical League, National Junior Classical League, which supports teachers and students of Classics at the middle and high school levels (6-12) through supporting local JCL chapters and clubs with programing supports such as National Classics Week, Club of the Month, and other activity oriented contests; through the NJCL Convention which provides students the a way to engage with their Classics curricula both academically and creatively through a variety of contests and learning opportunities; through remote contests such as the National Classical Etymology Exam, National Roman Civilization Exam, National Latin Vocabulary Exam, National Hellenic Civilization Exam, and NJCL Creative Writing Contest; through online educational and fellowship opportunities such as Classicalia; through leadership opportunities at the local, state, and national levels; and through scholarship programs for college enrollment and registration for JCL activities.
    • Senior Classical League, which supports college students and professionals
  • Professional Development
  • Scholarships, Grants, and Awards​
    • Annual grants to assist the academic pursuits (research, travel, Institute) of teachers of the classics in elementary or secondary
    • Annual grants to prospective teachers studying for certification or licensure in Latin
  • Leadership and Service
    • ​Opportunity to serve as a committee volunteer, committee chair, or task force chair
    • Opportunity to serve on the Executive Committee
    • Opportunity to serve on the Board of Governors as a member at large
    • Ability to vote for Executive Committee and Board of Governors Leadership
  • Communities
    • Our Online Community, a place for discussion, information, and sharing
    • Membership Directory
  • Career Development​
  • Partnership
  • Memberships

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