Exam Dates:
Registration: September 1 - January 15
Administration: February 27 - March 17

Please contact Greek Exam Chair Michael Cowett at greekexam@aclclassics.org before ordering and explain any special circumstances.

ALL exams, digital or print, are to be ordered through Lingco. Here is the HOW TO register and pay information.

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  • Print copies of exams will be mailed to arrive at least one week before the exam window. If the exams are not received by then, please contact the ACL Office.
  • Answer sheets should be returned in a timely manner, ideally postmarked the day of the exam. However, all answer sheets must be returned to the ACL office by March 24 to be included in the scoring. 


Online exams:  $6.50; $5.50 for ACL members. Paper exams:  $8.50;  $7.50 for ACL members
$20.00 registration and shipping per order, which covers shipping ANY AWARDS and/or PRINT COPIES.
For international orders, PRINT COPIES of exams will be delivered via email to the designated examiner in PDF format.


The following leveled exams are restricted to Middle School and High School students only and cannot be repeated. Click on the exam name for the syllabus.

The following exams are open to students at any school, and cannot be repeated:

The following exam is open to students at any school, and may be repeated. but only two years in a row:

An entrant may not cross levels in Attic Greek (e.g. take both Beginning and Intermediate Attic) but s/he may take an Attic and a non-Attic examination (Intermediate Attic, Odyssey and Iliad), so long as s/he pays for each examination taken.

Previous Exams/Study Materials

A full packet of the 2022 National Greek Exams is available for free as a pdf download using this link 22-23 Exams.

Copies of previous National Greek Exams can be ordered by using this link

You may order using a credit card, purchase order, or print and send with a check. Credit Card orders will have instant download access. Purchase orders will have download access within 48 hours. Printed orders will be processed when payment is received.


The National Greek Examination in 2023 enrolled 1557 students from 147 high schools, colleges, and universities in the US and around the world. Of these students, 52% earned purple, blue, red, or green ribbons. The battery of six examinations consisted of four Attic Greek exams (Introduction, Beginning, Intermediate, Prose) and two Homeric Greek exams (Odyssey and Iliad).


In 2024, high-school seniors who earn purple or blue ribbons in the Attic Prose exam will be eligible to apply for one scholarship in the amount of $2,000, renewable for four years. The scholarship will be paid to the winner’s college or university on condition that s/he earn six credits of Greek during the school year. The winner will be selected by the NLE/NGE Scholarship Committee. Teachers of eligible students will receive application forms in the mail in mid-May. Winners will be announced at the ACL Institute in June, and notified directly thereafter by mail.

For information on examination or syllabi contents, contact: Michael Cowett, Chair, ACL/NJCL National Greek Exam, greekexam@aclclassics.org.

For help with orderiing - contact ACL/NJCL National Greek Examination, Rhonda Sizemore, sizemor@aclclassics.org,

American Classical League, 860 NW Washington Blvd., Suite A, Hamilton OH 45013     Phone 513-529-7741     Fax 513-529-7742

For more information or for questions about this exam, please e-mail greekexam@aclclassics.org.

2022 - 2023 National Greek Exam cut off report is available.
2022-2023 National Greek Exam Keys are available.
Downloadable NGE certificates


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