ACL Mentoring Program

Thank you for your interest in joining the ACL Mentoring program.

The main goal is to leverage the knowledge and experience of our members to help other teachers develop their knowledge base and skill set. New teachers or pre-service teachers need advice or guidance as they are getting started. An experienced teacher may need suggestions about implementing a new strategy or technique.  All teachers benefit from working with a colleague. With many Classics teachers working in isolation, this program aims to overcome that barrier.

This program is open to all ACL members, at any level of teaching, and any point in their career where they might be needing help, or might have expertise to share.

Mentors and Mentees can agree on the length of the collaboration based on individual needs. Some collaborations might only need two months, while others might need more time.  We suggest two, four, or six months depending on the project. 


Application Instructions

Step 1: 
Be sure you are logged in to your ACL account so you can access the program documents. 
If you are not an ACL Member, click on BECOME A MEMBER below.

Step 2:
If you are interested in becoming a mentor to support your colleagues, please click "Become a Mentor" below.
If you are interested in finding a mentor to assist you in your teaching, please click "Request a Mentor" below.

Step 3:
After clicking on one of the boxes below, you will be taken to an application page.  Please take your time and carefully respond to the application questions so that you can find a suitable colleague. The more information you supply, the more effective this experience will be. 

After your application has been submitted, you will receive an email from the Chair of the Mentoring Program within 72 hours to confirm your participation and so that you can begin to find a beneficial mentor/mentee match.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Patrick Yaggy, Chair of the Mentoring Program at

N. B.: All participants in the ACL Mentorship Program agree to abide by the ACL Code of Conduct.

American Classical League also offers a Mentor Series of virtual sessions, designed to support new teachers nationwide.  Teachers in their first, second, and third years are invited to regular Zoom meetings on select Thursdays throughout the year with the goal of building connections with ACL colleagues, crowd-sourcing common issues, and receiving guidance from a cohort of veteran Latin and Classics teachers.  Mentors will include Patrick Yaggy, David Pellegrino, Stefanie Gigante, Matthew Crutchfield, Mark Keith, Meghan Kiern, Kellie Baglio, William Lee, and Mary Beinemann.  For more information, please contact

Usus magister est optimus. 
"Experience is the best teacher"