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ACL/SCS Joint Committee on Classics in American Education

Co-Chairs:  Jennie Luongo (ACL):
                     Teresa Ramsby (SCS):

Representatives from ACL:               
                    Matt Davis (Term ends 2025)
                    Charlaine Lunsford (Term ends 2024)
                    Ivy Livingston (Term ends 2024)
                    Mark Pearsall (Term ends 2024)

Representatives from SCS:
                    Evelyn Adkins
                    Mary English (at-large)
                    Dan Leon
                    Kristen Seaman

Excellence Through Classics

Executive Committee:

Interim ETC Chair, Jenn Jarnagan,, Greenhill School, Addison, Texas (Term expires 2024)
‚ÄčTraci Dougherty,, Past Chair, Sandy Run Middle School, Dresher, Pennsylvania (Term expires 2024)
Kristin Webster, Communications Chair, The Dalton School, New York, New York (Term expires 2024)
Brad Savage,, Information Chair, Flint Hill School, Oakton, Virginia (Term Expires 2024)
Maddie Briner, Public Relations Chair, Porter-Gaud School, Charleston, South Carolina (Term expires 2024)
Katy Reddick,, Program Chair, Strong Middle School, Durham, Connecticut (Term expires 2024)
Catherine Hayward,, PRIMA Editor, Durham Academy, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina (Term expires 2024)
Cheryl Cheatham,, Contest Coordinator,  Dent Middle School, Columbia, South Carolina (Term expires 2026)
Jenn Jarnagin,, Resources Coordinator, Greenhill School, Addison, Texas (Term expires 2024)

Jennie Luongo,, ACL President (ex officio)

Subcommittee Chairs:

Cynthia Swanson,, Middle School Committee Chair, The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, Georgia  (Term expires 2024)
Micheal Posey,, Pegasus Mythology Exam Committee Chair, Mountain Brook Junior High School, Mountain Brook, Alabama  (Term expires 2026)
Megan Nathanson,, Medusa Mythology Exam Committee Co-Chair, McLean, Virginia  (Term expires 2024)
Sherry Lee,, Medusa Mythology Exam Committee Co-Chair, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey  (Term expires 2024)
Nava Cohen,, Exploratory Latin Exam Committee Chair, Chicago, Illinois (Term expires 2024)
Amy Mason,, Awards Chair, Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, New Jersey (Term expires 2024)
Katy Reddick,, Program Committee Chair, Strong Middle School & Coginchaug Regional High School, Durham, Connecticut (Term expires 2024) 
Megan DeGraff-McMenamy,, PRIMA Writing Committee Chair, Tuxedo Park School, Tuxedo Park, New York (Term expires 2024)
Nicole Wellington,, Curriculum Committee Chair, Dana Hall School, Wellesley, Massachusetts (Term expires 2024) 
Nicole Wellington,, Interim, ETC Live Ad Hoc, Dana Hall School, Wellesley, Massachusetts (Term expires 2024) 


Rachel Ash, Chair
Parkview High School, Lilburn, Georgia

Voting Members:
Ray Congo, Bob Jones HS, Madison, Alabama
Karen Rosenbecker, Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana

Non-voting members:

Elizabeth Bouis  (NJCL), Marietta, Georgia
Debra Heaton (NLE), Lexington, Massachusetts
Michael Cowett (NGE), Duxbury, Massachusetts
Brad Savage (ETC), Chicago, Illinois
Phil Walsh, (Classical Outlook), St Andrew's School, Middletown, Delware

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)


Kyle McGimsey, Chair, (Term expires 2025), Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park, Florida

Teresa Kawamata, Loyola High School, Los Angeles, California (Term expires 2025),
Krystal Kubichek, Clearview Regional High School, Mullica Hill, New Jersey  (Term expires 2025)
Kristin Masters, Cumberland Regional High School & Rowan University, New Jersey (Term expires 2025)
Ilse Van Rooyen, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts (Term expires 2025)

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)

Membership Committee

Cynthia Shiroma, duPont Manual High School, Louisville, Kentucky, Co-Chair  (Term expires 2024)
Traci Dougherty, Sandy Run Middle School, Dresher, Pennsylvania, Co-Chair (Term expires 2023)

Jessica Anderson, Mineola High School, Garden City Park, New York (Term expires 2024)
Mary Beinemann, Saint Thomas' Episcopal School, Houston, Texas (Term expires 2024)
Andrew Bodo, Xavier High School, New York, New York (Term expires 2024)
Jack Dutra, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio  (Term expires 2024)
Benjamin Joffe, The Browning School, New York, New York (Term expires 2024)
Krystal Kubichek, Membership Chair for NJCL, Walnut Hills High School, Cincinnati. OH (Term expires 2027)
Kyle McGimsey, Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park, Florida (Term expires 2024)
Martha Pearlman, Retired, Thornton, Pennsylvania (Term expires 2024)
Zee Poerio, St. Louise De Marillac Catholic School, Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania (Term expires 2024)
Michele Valerie Ronnick, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (Term expires 2024)
Generosa Sangco-Jackson,  Manchester University, Fort Wayne, Indiana (Term expires 2024)
Vanessa Schmitz-Siebertz, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin  (Term expires 2024)
Runako Taylor, The Brearley School, New York, New York (Term expires 2024)
Serena Witzke, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut (Term expires 2024)

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)


Maureen Lamb, Chair (Term expires 2024)
Kingswood Oxford School, Avon, Connecticut

Suzanne Bonefas, Sugar Land, Texas (Term expires 2025)
Stefanie Gigante, Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, New Jersey (Term expire 2025)
Clint Hagen, Fort Worth Country Day, Fort Worth, Texas (Term ends 2025)
Brad Savage, Flint Hill School, Oakton, Virginia (Term ends 2025)
Abigail Braddock Simone, Houston High School, Germantown, TN (Term ends 2025)
Jonathan Thomson, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Term ends 2025)
Kristin Webster, The Nightingale-Bamford School, New York, New York (Term ends 2025)

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)
Rob Latousek (emeritus) Madison, Wisconsin

Merens/Meritus/Merita Award

Ian Hochberg, Chair, Yorktown High School, Arlington, VA (Term expires 2024)

Martha Altieri, Marietta, Georgia (Term expires 2026)
Amy Mason, Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, NJ (Term expires 2026)
Ryan Sellers, Memphis University School, Memphis, TN (Term expires 2026)

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)

National Committee for Latin and Greek

Briana Titus, Chair (Term ends 2025)
Katie Robinson, Vice Chair 
Will Nifong, Delegate to JNCL-NCLIS Board and Advocacy Chair (Term ends 2025)
Andrea Stehle, Executive Secretary, CAMWS CPL Liaison, & Alternate Delegate to JNCL-NCLIS 
Daniel McGlathery, Treasurer; please contact Dan to make donations at

At-Large Members:
Erick Bousman, NCLG Communications Liaison to ACL Newsletter (Term ends 2024)
Talia Chicherio (Term ends 2024)
Catherine Hayward 
Maureen Lamb
Svetlana Lazarova
Connie Rodriguez
Madeline Thayer (Term ends 2025)

Subcommittee Chairs:
Madeline Thayer and  Zee Ann Poerio, Supporting Young Learners
Maureen Lamb and Catherine Hayward, Technology and Outreach
Dan McGlathery, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Katie Robinson, DEI Resources
Katie Robinson, Latin:  Inspiring Future Teachers
Talia Chicherio, Greek Resources

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)


National Junior Classical League

Todd Wegenhart, Committee Chair; Programs/Scholastic Services (Term expires 2024)
David Jackson, Contests – Academics (Term expires 2025)
Kyle McGimsey, Contests – Olympika (Term expires 2024*)
Generosa Sangco-Jackson, Contests – Digital; Vice Chair (Term expires 2024*)
Seth Knowles, Contests – Creative Arts, Chair (Term expires 2024*)
Trace Turner, Publications (Term expires 2025)
Brian Compton, Constitutional Advisor (Term expires 2024)
Jennie Luongo, Contests - Certamen, (Term expires 2026*)
Jennifer Jordt, Contests – Graphic Arts (Term expires 2026*)
Elizabeth Bouis, Convention Advisor (Term expires 2026*)
Christopher Rourke, Communications, Secretary (term expires 2027)
Krystal Kubichek, Public Relations/Membership, (Term expires 2027)

Members serve four-year terms and may be re-elected to a second term.

Those starred* are in their final term.

National Latin Exam

Executive Committee
Mark Keith - Co-Chair July 2024 (2nd term)
Patty Lister - Co-Chair July 2028 (1st term)
Deb Heaton - Treasurer July 2024 (1st term)
Ian Hochberg - Secretary July 2025 (1st term)

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)

Writing & Steering Committee
Mark Keith - Co-Chair July 2024 (1st term)
Patty Lister - Co-Chair July 2028 (1st term)
Joe Davenport July 2026 (1st term)
Deb Heaton July 2024 (1st term)
Ian Hochberg July 2026 (1st term)
William Lee July 2028 (1st term)
Jackie Hillman July 2028 (1st term)
Micheal Posey July 2028 (1st term)
Lauren Marquard July 2031 (1st term)


Amy Mason, Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, New Jersey, Chair

Katie James - Vanguard College Preparatory School, Texas 
Leigh Grace Rouyer - St. Joseph's Academy, Louisiana 
Micheal Posey - Mountain Brook Junior High, Alabama
Mary Pendergraft - Wake Forest University, North Carolina

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)


Patrick McFadden, Chair

Christine Albright, University of Georgia (Term expires 2024)
Caroline Kelly, Mitchell Community College (Term expires 2024) 
Krystal Kubichek, Walnut Hills High School (Term expires 2024)
Katy Reddick, Strong Middle School & Coginchaug Regional High School (Term expires 2026)
Ryan Sellers, Memphis University School (Term expires 2025)
Alita Shenk, Blake School (Term expires 2024)
Shonda Tohm, The University of Michigan (Term expires 2026)
Bryan Whitchurch, Washington Latin School (Term expires 2024)

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)


Alison Orlebeke, Chair (Term ends in 2024)
Woodbridge, Connecticut

Sarah Palumbo, Gilbert Classical Academy, Gilbert, Arizona  (Term ends in 2024)
John Chu, Northside Health Careers High School, San Antonio, Texas ((Term ends in 2024)

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)


Michael Cowett, Duxbury, Massachusetts, Chair

Michael Bales, Toronto French School, Toronto, Ontario
Marianthe Colakis, Townsend Harris High School, New York, New York
Craig Gibson, University of Iowa, Ames, Iowa
Susan Setnik, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts
Daniel McGlathery, Arlington Catholic HS, Arlington, Massachusetts
Generosa Sangco-Jackson, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Chair - vacant

Phillip Walsh, Classical Outlook Editor
Catherine Hayward, PRIMA Editor
Trace Turner, NJCL Publications Chair

Members at large:
Micheal Posey (Term expires 2023)
Laura Manning (Term expires 2023)
Anthony Augustakis (Term expires 2023)

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)


John Gruber-Miller, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Chair (Term expires 2024)

Rebecca Harrison, Endwell, New York (Term expires 2026)
Mark Keith, Fredericksburg, Virginia (Term expires 2024)
Krystal Kubicheck, Walnut Hills HS, Cincinnati, Ohio  (Term expires 2024)
Maureen Lamb, Kingswood Oxford School, Avon, Connecticut (Term expires 2024)
Bret Mulligan, Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania (Term expires 2024)

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)




Jennie Luongo, ACL President, Chair

Sue Robertson, ACL Secretary
Jennifer Jarnagin, Chair of ETC
Woojin Kim, Chair of ACL's DEI Committee
David Jackson, Chair of ACL's Development Committee
Micheal Posey, Chair of the Pegasus Mythology Exam
Phil Walsh, Editor, The Classical Outlook
Sherwin Little, Executive Director, ex officio


Woojin Kim, Chair, Centreville, Virgina (Term expires 2025)

Leah Berryhill, Smyrna, GA (Term expires 2026)
John Bracey,  Amherst, Massachusetts (Term expires 2024)
John Chu, San Antonio, TX (Term expires 2026)
Andrea Craig Sansone, San Diego, California (Term expires 2024)
Shelly McCormick-Lane, Worcester, MA (Term expires 2026)
Dan McGlathery, Chair of the DEI Subcommittee of the National Committee for Latin and Greek (Term expires 2024)
Jennifer Sheridan Moss, Huntington Woods, MI (Term expires 2026)
John Rocklin, Austin, TX (Term expires 2026)
Joan Romanosky, Addison, TX (Term expires 2026)
Peter Secrest, Pennington, NJ (Term ends 2025)
Krish Sharma, NJCL President, Wisconsin (Term expires 2023)
Savannah Thompson (Term expires 2024)
Serena Witzke, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut (Term expires 2024)

Jennie Luongo, ACL President (ex officio)

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