Centennial Campaign Donors

Maximas Gratias to all who have donated to ACL's Centennial Campaign


Strengthening our Community - Extending our Reach

               Semper Crescens -  αἰὲν αὐξανομένη  

The American Classical League, Junior Classical League,
and Excellence Through Classics thank our donors for supporting our goals.

Donors as of February 12, 2019

Martha G. Abbott
     in honor of Jane Harriman Hall
Barbara S. Allen
Martha Altieri
Ronnie Ancona
Anonymous Donations (1)
Paul Anthony
Nestoras Apodiakos
     in honor of Michael Howard
Rachel Ash
Christiane Baker
Debra Baker-Schneider
Mackenzie Bankston
Jim Barfield
Conrad and Virginia Barrett
     in memory of Ed Phinney
June LeRay Bates
     in memory of Dr. G. Stewart Nease
Turney Berry
Brian Bishop
Virginia M. Blasi

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
      in memory of LeaAnn Osburn
     in loving memory of our Founder, Ladislaus J. Bolchazy, PhD
Elizabeth Bouis
Susan Bonvallet
Katherine Bradshaw
Melissa Burgess
      in memory of Andrea Weis
     in honor of Lorna Van Meter
Daniel Cahoon
Cindy Caltagirone
Cambridge University Press
Carolsue Carlson-Jones
Carotek, Inc.
Andrew Carroll
Christopher Check
Penny R. Cipolone
    in honor of Dr. William Ridington
Dr. Marianthe Colakis
     in memory of Lou Bolchazy
Margaret G. Cook
Carlene Craib
Thomas Cracas
     in memory of John Latimer
Elizabeth Crowe
     in memory of Norma Goldman
Joseph Davenport
    in memory of Ed Phinney
Sally Davis
     in honor of Gil Lawall, who had faith in me as a young teacher
Lori DeCamp
Mary Elizabeth DeCamp
    in honor of Alan Boegehold
Virginia D. Delph
Kathleen De Riesthal
Jane Dewey
Sandra Dinser
Sherry Jankowski Doerfler
     in honor of Susan B. Thomas, retired Latin teacher, Culpeper County Junior and High
     Schools, Culpeper, Virginia

Lillian E. Doherty
Rachel Dowell
Laurel Draper
Eric Dugdale
Kathy Elifrits
Monica Faiella
John E. Farley, NJCL President, 1966-67
      in memory of Dennis Bartlow
Stan Farrow
      in honor of Ed Phinney
Randy Fields
David Fott
     in honor of Grady and Kaye Warren, whose generosity has meant so much to me
Charles Gabriel
Stephen Gentle and Alyssa Piljan-Gentle
Donna Gerard
      in memory of Jane Nethercut, Doris Kays and Dennis Bartlow
Bonnie Graves
James Gray
James Greenwald
Linda and James Gillison
Anne Groton Charitable Fund
     in fond memory of Glenn M. Knudsvig
John Gruber-Miller
     in honor of Jack Emmett, St Xavier HS, Cincinnati, OH
Andersen Gu
Harriet Harris, Cultural Encounters
Rebecca Harrison
Sally Hatcher
          in honor of Gilbert Lawall
Patricia Hay
Elizabeth Heimbach
Julia D. Hejduk
Kendra Henry
Barbara Hill
Lu-Anne Hill
Ian Hochberg
The Howard Family, Peter, Ephy and Caroline
          in honor of Charles Humphreys
Charles Humphreys
Ingersoll Rand Corp.
Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies
David Jackson
Craig Jacobs
     in memory of Marion Bohen
Jennifer Jordt
Mark Keith
Caroline Switzer Kelly
Dawn Kiechle
Daniel Kim
     NJCL President 2012
Kenneth and Theresa Kitchell
     in memory of Ed Phinney
The Knudsvig Family
      in memory of Glenn M. Knudsvig
Mary Jane Koons
     in memory of Tina Moller 
Stephanie Krause
Krystal Kubichek
Geraldine D Kuenkler
John Kurey
     in memory of Dennis Bartlow
Kelly Kusch
Richard LaFleur
     Professor Gilbert Lawall, ACL President Emeritus, mentor, and friend
Keely Lake
Rob Latousek
Gilbert Lawall
William Lee
     in memory of Doris L. Kays
     in honor of Shawn Jennings

Amy Leonard
Angela Letizia
Emily Lewis
Tara Ligon
Sherwin Little
Kathryn Lucchese
Jennifer Luongo
     in memory of Gaylan DuBose
Anne Mahoney
Sue Marquis
Tony Martin
Susan McDonald
Patrick McFadden
Jennifer Bartlow McKaufsky
     in honor of Dennis Bartlow
Miami University Department of Classics
Linda Sharrard Montross
     in honor of my mother, Leah Imogene Morden Sharrard, who taught Latin from 1940-44 at Utica HS in Utica, Michigan
Tracy Montross and Jesse Muniz
Jennifer Sheriden Moss
Joyce Narden
Beverly Nelson
The Niimi Family
            in honor of Sherri Madden
Ohio Classical Conference
Ohio Junior Classical League
Ohio Senior Classical League
Eric Orlin
Sarah Palumbo
Manisha Parekh
Martha Pearlman
Mark Pearsall
Mary L. and Michael  Pendergraft
David Perry
Zee Ann Poerio          
     in memory of Cathy Edwards Scaife
Stephanie M. Pope
Richard Popeck
     in honor of Virginia Blasi
Georgeta Popescu
Micheal A. Posey
     in tribute to Dr. Malcolm Donalson
Ann R. Raia
     in honor my colleague and friend, Barbara F. McManus
Michelle Ramahlo
Teresa Ramsby
Patricia Richardson
Kurt Ristroph
Sue Robertson
Katie Robinson
Julia Roper
     in memory of Charles Humphreys
Amy Rosevear
Nathalie Roy
Generosa Sangco-Jackson
Anne Sappington
Susan Schearer
     Omnibus qui me aliosque sustulerunt.
Andrew Scott
Alicia Seifrid
Susan Setnik
Cindy Shiroma
     in memory of Charles Humphreys
Thomas J. Sienkewicz
     in fond memory of Norma Goldman
Society for Classical Studies
Bob Holschuh Simmons
Sammie Smith

Don Sprague
     in memory of LeaAnn Osburn
Catherine Sturgill
Justin Suhr
Richard Sutton
     in honor of Linda Montross
Marjorie Taylor
Susan B. Thomas
     in honor of Sally Davis
Linda H. Thorpe
Emily Truitt
Tom Tsuchiya
Terence O. Tunberg
Texas State Junior Classical League
Jane Ulrich     
Dobbie Vasquez
Arvind Venkat
Janet Wagoner
Jeremy Walker
     in honor of all NJCL Sponsors
Kevin S. Wall, D.M.D.
Christopher Warrington
Dennis and Susan Webb
Todd Wegenhart
Andrea Weiskopf
Diane Werblo
Cynthia White
     in memory of George Siefert, Ph.D.
Linda and F. Dale Whitten
     in honor of Linda Sharrard Montross
James Wickenden
Patricia Wickhem
     in honor of Charles Humphreys, a great teacher and friend
Rose Williams
Amy and Jonathan Wishnick
Yale Investments Office
        in honor of Ben VanGelder