Webinar: Reflective Assessment: Designing Intentional and Equitable Measures of Student Performance

Presenter:  Lindsey Sears, Norwich Free Academy, Norwich, CT

Track:  Assessment and Feedback

Description:   Assessing student learning and performance is one of the most personal, complex, and potentially problematic aspects of teaching. Many teachers have never considered that the way their textbook assesses or the way they were taught to assess may not be compatible with their own teaching philosophies or provide equitable opportunities for student success. Reflection is essential to designing intentional and equitable assessments: teachers need the tools to reflect on their own personal philosophy of assessment and to use it to guide their design choices, and students need to be shown the value of reflection as an integral part of the cycle of learning and assessment. This workshop will offer concrete and specific strategies for developing equitable assessments that align with teachers’ educational philosophies and values.

Date of recorded webinar: June 2023

About the Presenter:  Lindsay Sears began studying Latin in high school to improve her SAT scores, and reluctantly came to enjoy the language so much that she majored in Classics at Smith College, and then earned a PhD at Cornell University. She currently teaches Latin at Norwich Free Academy in Norwich, CT, and serves on the executive boards for both ClassConn and CANE.