Webinar: Quem ad finem educatio classica?

Quem ad finem educatio classica? Using controversia and suasoria (debate) in a classical language class to enhance critical thinking and language skills

Presenter:  Mark Pearsall, Glastonbury High School/University of Connecticut, Glastonbury, CT

Track:  Standards Based Instructional Design

Description:   What are the takeaways from studying classical languages? How do they help students in a modern world? Implementing the techniques of a Roman rhetor, we can teach students how to think critically, reflect upon their world, and become knowledgeable citizens with the skills necessary to lead happy and productive lives. Learn how to use debate, controversia and suasoria, at any level of language study. Teach students to read critically, understand cultural perspectives, and make convincing arguments to articulate their ideas.

Date of recorded webinar: June 2023

About the Presenter:  Mark Pearsall teaches Latin and Ancient Greek at Glastonbury High School in Connecticut. He received his BA in Classics at UMass, Amherst, his MAT in Latin and Classical Humanities at Boston University and his PhD in Medieval Studies at UConn. He is a founding member of The Pericles Group which provides game-based learning solutions for learners, teachers, and administrators in a wide range of situations and a variety of disciplines. When he is not teaching or studying, he works on his farm, raising goats.