Webinar: Making Generative AI Work for Latin Teachers, Session I

Presenter:  Maureen Lamb,The Ethel Walker School, Simsbury, CT

Track:  Innovative Use of Technology

Description:  These workshops will review the most up-to-date practices in using Generative AI in the Latin classroom. The first session will address how teachers can use AI to enhance their Latin classes through activities, differentiation, and time saving tools. The second session will address how students can use AI in the Latin classroom for review and personalization. The third session will address how to introduce AI use safely and how to avoid the pitfalls of using Generative AI.  We will go over a number of different AI tools teachers can use to save time, differentiate their instruction, and enhance their students' learning experience. Teachers will learn how to avoid AI use without teacher permission.

Date of recorded webinar:  January 11, 2024

About the Presenter:  Maureen Gassert Lamb is a Latin Teacher, Dean of Faculty, and Dean of Academic Technology and Innovative Pedagogy at The Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT.  Lamb is also the American Classical League’s Technology Chair, was named the Connecticut Language 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year, and was the recipient of the ACTFL/IALLT Award for Excellence in World Language Instruction Using Technology (K–12) and the Society for Classical Studies Excellence in K-12 Latin Teaching in 2022. She is committed to an inclusive, differentiated classroom environment to support her students.