Stuffed Tuttifrutti Purple Pegasus

Stuffed Tuttifrutti Purple Pegasus Mini Flopsie by Aurora.  Measuring about seven inches long, this small pegasus stuffed animal has fluffy purple plush fur with brown eyes and shiny purple wings. Our little plush pegasus fits much better in your pocket than the actual animal, that is, if you could even find one! Tuttifrutti's body is bean weighted for excellent cuddling and posing opportunities. The manageable size (slightly longer than the average adult hand) and affordable price of this small stuffed pegasus make it perfect for party favors, gift bags, school events, and any other occasion that calls for an adorable little hand out! The old saying, 'a stuffed pegasus in the hand is worth two on the shelf' really is true. What? That's not an old saying? Give it some time. It will be eventually.