ETC Live Subscription 2022-2023

The ETC Live subscription gives teachers 24/7 access to a library with three season worth of videos for use in the classroom or JCL. Presentations types include demonstrations, lectures, performances, Spoken Latin, and more! Most webinars are geared towards high school and middle school students. Some may be elementary school appropriate, but we suggest previewing the video first.

With a yearly membership that expires on August 31, 2023 (along with ACL memberships), ETC Live subscribers get access to the videos of past ETC Live presentations and well as a growing library of resources to go along with the videos. Our ETC Live library will be an excellent source for teachers to use as a sub plan, to enrich their lessons, or to use as a JCL activity.

After purchasing a subscription, teachers will receive an email with instructions on how to access the library of past webinars and upcoming webinars.

Don’t forget to sign in to your ACL account to receive your discount! The yearly subscription covers both the teacher and their students.