Institute Exhibitor

Request a virtual exhibit booth for the ACL Virtual Institute scheduled for June 22-26, 2020. 

Virtual exhibit: Your virtual exhibit would link to a webpage of your own design showcasing your recent publications and special offers. 

Virtual exhibit plus "live office hours": Includes the opportunity to speak with attendees during each days’ breaks. In consultation with you, we would set up meeting times for attendees to meet with your rep by means of a video conference.

For ACL Committees and other language non-profit organizations the fee will be waived.

Donations to the ACL COVID-19 Teacher Relief Fund or to the ACL Centennial Fund will be acknowledged in the program and at the State of the ACL session. During the checkout process you will be giving the opportunity to add a donation to your cart. Please consider helping our Latin Community in these trying times.

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Virtual Exhibit
Virtual Exhibit and Office Hours
ACL Committe or other language Non-Profict Organization