ACL wants to help our members enhance their teaching by encouraging them to travel, take courses, attend professional meetings, and engage in professional development that is concerned with Latin, Greek and the ancient world where these languages prevailed.
Our scholarships honor some of the past leaders of the organization:
Glenn Knudsvig, Arthur Patch McKinlay, Maureen O’Donnell and Ed Phinney 
Donations to the ACL Scholarship fund are always welcome.



  • ACL members at all levels of teaching are eligible to apply
  • Must be a member of ACL for at least 3 consecutive years*, including this current year and the
  • two preceding years. Undergraduate students, graduate students and new teachers with less than 3 years experience are exempt from this requirement. 
  • ACL scholarship recipients may apply every 4 years


  • Registration, room, board and travel for attendance at ACL Institute
  • Purchase of materials from the ACL Teaching Materials and Resource Center
  • Expenses connected with enrollment in classes required for Latin Certification
  • Bona fide summer study programs at home or abroad


  •  Awards range from $250 - $2000


  • January 15 and March 15. 

 All applications will have an equal chance to receive funding. The Scholarship Committee wants to ensure that funding is available for attendance at Institute once pricing is announced March 1.

The application form is a fillable form which you can download. After you have completed the application you may attach as an email and send to the ACL Office.


Complete the Scholarship Report form by September 15 and send your receipts to the ACL Office. Both steps are needed for reimbursement. 

Please upload a picture or two that we can share! 


Phillip Cooke, Northwestern Junior/Senior High School, Springfield, Ohio.  He received funding to attend the 2017 ACL Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

It is hard to put into words just how useful attending the ACL Institute was. I will go back to my classroom not only with a better grasp of Latin, but also of the pedagogy behind second language acquisition. This conference changed how I think about testing, classroom management, who is in my classroom (and who isn't!), and how I will teach my students for years to come. I am so thankful to the ACL for giving me the opportunity to attend this institute. I will no doubt be back for many years to come!