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Welcome to the first of many posts on resources for teachers with a diversity, equity, and inclusion focus! These posts will be fairly short and will include between three and five listings with a short summary or recommendation from someone on the DEI committee! Further, members can submit resources for consideration by completing this form. We hope you enjoy! Please let us know in the comments which of these you are familiar with and how you used them for your own work. We'd love to hear from you!

  1. Book: For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood... and the Rest of Y'all Too: Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education by Christopher Emdin
    This book comes at the recommendation of a few people on the DEI committee. Christopher Emdin is a noted public speaker and advocate for students on the national level. He has spoken at a number of events including the annual ACTFL conference. This book not only speaks about the history of "cloning" in schools, but also its effect on students of colour and teachers of colour as well. Additionally it gives real ideas and strategies that any teacher can use in their classroom. 
  2. Article: American Schools Are Failing to Equip Students with Racial Literacy - And We've Seen Firsthand How It Happens by Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi
    This article comes at the recommendation of one of our members! While not Latin related, specifically, it provides statistics and stories that affect us and our students. This article makes the point that the time for waiting has long passed and racial literacy is just as important as financial literacy for ourselves and our students. 
  3. Article: Why Students of Color Don't Take Latin by John Bracey
    This article has already made the rounds before, but is still incredibly relevant and vital to the future of Classical studies. John Bracey serves on the DEI Committee for ACL and is a well established Latin teacher. His article not only discusses issues of race and equity but also teaching pedagogy and principles. 
  4. Blog: A Latinx Casina by Krishni Burns
    Summary from the editor: In the Spring of 2021, as her undergraduate UIC Honors College Capstone project, my student Luana Davila adapted and produced a version of Plautus’ Casina in the style of a telenovela. Due to COVID, she was not able to stage the play, but she produced a filmed version in collaboration with theater students at Columbia College in Chicago. For safety reasons, each actor’s scenes were filmed separately, then edited together. Below is an interview with Luana and the play’s director, Amy Gerwert Valdez, a Theater Directing major at Columbia.
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