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DEI Meeting Summary

DEI Committee

Blog Update

Regular blog posts (on this blog) are set to post every Monday at 2:3- pm EST. Special updates will post on Thursdays or Fridays at 2:30 pm EST. The committee planned a number of blog posts including interviews with teachers, creators, and authors, lesson plan ideas and tips and tricks for discussion potentially difficult topics in the classroom, sharing of current research in a variety topics pertaining to teaching and the Classics, updates from the NJCL team on DEI topics, and reviews of new materials and resources for our community. 

DEI Committee Member Update

The current committee sits at 6 members with a board liaison. We are currently looking at the list of volunteers to see how we can better fill our committee and represent our memberships as wholly as possible. If you are interesting in joining the DEI (or any ACL) committee, please click here!

Visibility of DEI Work

There is current work in progress to update the ACL's Committment to Change document. This is an ongoing process. There is concern that the document is long, but the student voice has shared that they appreciate a lengthier document with details and links. 

JCL DEI Update

Our NJCL president updated the committee on her process to form a student DEI committee. The committee was formed with intentionality and had their first meeting this Spring. Plans include potential for fundraising to support students who may not otherwise be able to access Nationals. The committee is also working on forming subcommittees, forming and researching affinity groups for students, and a mission statement. 

Follow Up

Any members who wish to follow up regarding DEI issues and concerns, or who have a blog idea, etc. can reach out to Miriam Patrick, the DEI chair at

If you'd like to volunteer for an ACL committee, please consider filling out this form

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