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Meet the DEI Team

Savvy Thompson

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your favourite animal?
    The Chinchilla!
  3. Why did you join the DEI?
    I wiggled my way a bit into this one! After communicating with the NJCL Executive Board, I was approved as a student representative and member of this committee. As the JCL is a student-based and student-led organization, I believe it is critical to include youth voices at every turn. So, I've worked to create a JCL/SCL DEI Committee, which will aid in identifying DEI issues within JCL and will work with this committee to draft statements and proposals to address them.
  4. Is there a current concern that you are hoping we as a community of teachers and Classicists can come together on and work towards a new goal/understanding?
    In my five years of JCL, I've been able to meet a myriad of different Classicists across the county. Many of us shared a love for JCL conventions. Unfortunately, our national conventiosn tend to have very high price tags attached to them. This has excluded students in the past and enabled a "pay to play" system. Those who are able to afford conventions and place well in competitions can boost their resumes and college applications, aiding in their future success. In my term, I've started work to fundraise for need-based packet awards that would cover the cost of National Convention for students who apply for them. While this is a small step in making Classics a more equitable field, I believe it's an important one. As we push to make Classics accessible, I hope that Classicist and JCLers make it a priority to make such special events affordable to all.
  5. What other positions ahve you served (in ACL or elsewhere)?
    Within JCL I've served as: VJCL 2nd VP, VJCL President, local first VP, local president, and, now, NJCL president! I've also been able to serve on various committees, notably Virginia's Equity Committee
  6. What is your favourite free time activity?
    Listening to music and driving... in a perfect scenario, I'm also singing along with a friend next to me (fits in quite nicely with our convention theme, I'd say!).


Edited to add: Savvy is currently our NJCL president. She has been working on many wonderful things and will be sharing some blog posts soon on these topics! 

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