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Meet the DEI Team

Woojin Kim

In this series of blog posts, we will introduce you to the DEI team for ACL! Each of these written "interviews" was conducted by the featured member using questions put together by the DEI Chair. 

  1. What is your name?
  2. What do you teach?
    I am the department chair of Classics and a MS/US Latin teacher
  3. Why did you join the DEI? 
    My personal convictions about seeking the fullest flourising and holistic societal good led me to join this committee.
  4. What is your favourite animal?
  5. What draws you to this work in Classics?
    My teachers inspired and impacted me to pursue Classics in college and to teach/coach certamen/sponsor JCL chapters in such a way that I try to live and model today.
  6. Who is your favourite writer in Latin/Greek and why?
    Ovid, because who doesn't love cleverly crafted lines about love, mythology, and personal lamentation?
  7. Is there something you feel each individual teacher can do towards this work of DEI?
    Each individual teacher is different and may need different things in their jouney. The biggest things that all teachers (and individuals, frankly) ought to have are humility to learn and grace to extend.
  8. What is your favourite free time activity?
    Sipping a pour over in a local coffee shop... thinking I'm fancy!
  9. What is an issue or topic you'd love to see more of at institute/conferences?
    How can DEI also include restorative justice that brings two parties together toward healing and growth?
  10. Is there a current concern that you are hoping we as a community of teachers and Classicists can come together on and work towards a new goal/understanding?
    What is the purpose of our existence as such an interdisciplinary subject? Do we have an obligation to prove our value or is the intrinsic worth of Classics enough? Behind all of this, how do more students come to love Latin and Greek?
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