Maximas Gratias to all who have donated to ACL, JCL, ETC, and SCL in 2023-24!

Donors as of June 15, 2024

Donations to the American Classical League support Scholarships as well as contributions to the General Fund

The Estate of Keely Lake
The Rudolph Masciantonio Foundation
The Shannon Foundation
Stephen Acunto
Jim Barfield
Elizabeth Bouis and Randy Fields
          Maureen Wells Sellars: devoted daughter and mother of Latin teachers and lifetime Latin teacher and lover of the Classics
The Classical Association of the Middle West and South 
          In honor of all CAMWS Teachers and Students
Nava Cohen and Y. Hillel Crandus
Brian Compton
          In Memory of Dr. Judith DeLuce
Kathleen R. Durkin
          For my students past, present, and future
Kathy and Dale Elifrits
Stephen Gentle
Anne Groton
Dr. Rebecca Harrison
David Jackson
George Kalogeris
          The Classical Outlook
John Klopacz and Richard Wilson
           In honor of Joan Deckker on her Ninty-Ninth Birthday
Stephanie Krause
Sherwin Little
          In memory of K. C. Kless
Jennie Luongo
          In memory of Lauren Dill and Gaylan DuBose
Patrick McFadden
Kyle McGimsey
Christe McMenomy
Thor Polson
Sue Robertson
         In memory of Jane H. Hall
Christopher Rourke
Janet Lynn Wagoner
           Charles Humphreys Award
Barbara Weinlich
June Zaporojan

Donations to the Junior Classical League support scholarships as well as awards for NJCL Convention attendance.

Neha and Ian Anderson
Gary Baker
Pace Bowers
Matthew Davis
Jill Demski
Bering Edwards
Leo Estes
Stephen Gentle
Charlotte Hemr
Michael Howard
Anne Humphrey
Wei-Tai Kwok and Violet Hsu 
          In memory of Maureen O’Donnell
Kyle McGimsey
Sarah Montzka
Sarah Miller
Sarah Bylander Montzka
James O’Neil
Sarah Patterson
San Antonio Classical Society
          Doris Kays Scholarship
Catherine Sturgill and Amy Hornick
          In memory of Lois Ann Bower
          In memory of Linda Q. Mishkin 

Texas Junior Classical League
          Doris Kays Scholarship
Arvind Venkat
          Renata Motiu Scholarship
Christopher Warrington
Dennis and Susan Webb

Donations to Excellence Through Classics support scholarships, awards, and grants, as well as the ETC Access fund.

Col. Ronald Dabbieri
Phaedra Ehring
Nell Forgacs
Eric Kuniholm
Kourtney Neloms
Brad Savage
Efstathia Tzatha
Page Warren

Donations to the Senior Classical League support scholarships as well as the Hal Rather Fund. 

Gary Baker
Shandi Burrows
Austin Chu
Jeff Coker
Victoria Goodlett
Kyle McGimsey
Sarah Palumbo
          Gratias maximas to all  SCLers, past, present, and future!
Megan Silver
Dennis and Susan Webb



Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers

Xperitas, Inc

Cambridge University Press


EXHIBITORS, virtual and in-person

Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute
Avant Assessment
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
Cambridge University Press
Excellence Through Classics
Hands Up Education
Idioma Education & Consulting
National Committee for Latin and Greek
National Greek Exam
National Latin Exam
North American Cambridge Classics Project
Society for Classical Studies
Storybase Books
University of Maryland